Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome WNC Masons!

I am glad to say that Masonry is alive and well in WNC. We have seen lots of exciting things happening in our respective Lodges. We've been initiating, passing, and raising new members.....having lots of visitation between Lodges, and doing new and innovative fundraisers at a good clip. That is what inspired me to do this Blog. I want all Masons involved to be a part of what each and every Lodge in WNC is doing. We can all share in each others triumphs, and support in times of need.

But, I will need EVERYONE'S help! I expect emails, phone calls, and pictures from each and every function your Lodge is involved in. Whether it is a BBQ, open house, Shrine parade, civic function, or death of a Master Mason I need and want to know about it. If you have an interesting story concerning Masonry, or happen to hear of a newsworthy event please let me know.

Also, I want ALL Lodges to be involved. I want to hear from ALL of you. As a Mason who loves to hear what my neighboring Lodges are doing, I for one highly anticipate being able to share with others the great things we are all doing to further the Masonic cause. This blog can become a valuable archive that will contain articles which will become Masonic history. I want us all to be a part of that. Lets become a part of what is "Good for Masonry"!


Andy said...

This is outstanding, Brother Derek. Considering how much email activity there is, this will be a great spot to check regularly. We might be able to upload a calendar of events at the top... can talk with you about how to do that.

Derek Cheek said...

We already have the Calender of events at http://www.masonicsites.org/district41/01-08.htm
This Blog will be primarily used to chronicle events, post pictures, and help members keep updated on happenings. Thanks for the comments.

Nelson said...

Good job so far. Keep up the good work.Please remind ALL secretaries it is their job to keep me posted of ALL degrees and future happenings to be posted on the calendar, at ncmason7@msn.com . I think some of them have forgotten. Thanks, Nelson

Jim Hyde said...

When I wrote out my report last evening, which I will present at the District Meeting Monday night, I included a mention of this blog.