Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Masonic Grave Markers


I know this isn't anthing specific to Masonry in WNC but I felt compelled to share these pictures. A favorite past time of mine is walking through old cemeteries and viewing old grave markers, especially markers unique in shape or design.
Today, while in Nashville, Tennessee, I came across these two and I had never seen any like these before. A close look at the one lying flat will show the Eastern Star emblem near the head, with a woman's name. Below her name and above the S&C are the words "Her Husband". On the other I looked around for the "weeping Virgin" which should have been standing over the broken column, and time behind her counting the ringlets of her hair, but never found either.
As I find more unusual Masonic themed monuments, I'll try to share them with all. If any of you come across similar stones, send me pictures.


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