Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Junaluskee Lodge carries home braggin rights!

Below is an email I recieved from DDGM Jim Hyde detailing the hand off of the new School of Instruction "Golden Trowel" award. I'd like to personally applaud DDGM Hyde and DDGL Jack Long for this great idea!

Here are the pictures I was telling you about.

In an effort to encourage an increase in participation at the School of Instruction, I came up with the idea of presenting the lodge with the most members present, a special "braggin' rights" trophy. This is an idea I took from watching the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Kentucky Wildcats football teams battle over temporary ownership of an antique whiskey keg each fall.

This information was not shared with the lodges in the 41st District until after the roll of the craft was called at the school of instruction. I, along with 41st District DDGL, Jack Long presented to WM Jim Egan, and the brothers of Junaluskee 145 the "Golden Trowel" award during our school of instruction on March 15th.. The gold-tone trowel is imbedded in a 50 pound block of polished granite, on which is engraved a Square and Compass.

The basic rules for this incentive are simple.
The members actually present at the roll call takes home the trophy; no stragglers are counted.
In the event of a tie, roll call will be called at the closing of the school of instruction and the lodge in the original tie who still has the most members still present will be the winner. If there is still a tie, the DDGL will institute a coin toss.
The trophy must be returned at the following school of instruction and presented to the Lodge which comes with the most members.
In the event District lines are ever re-drawn, the district for which the location of the western most lodge in the state is set determines where the award stays.


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