Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Marble Springs #439

Marble Springs #439 held its 20th Annual Easter Egg Hunt this past Sunday afternoon at the old Coats-American Plant in Marble. WM Carl Palmer started the Easter Egg Hunt just as he did with the first one 20 years ago this year...coincidentally the last time he served as Master. The Lodge would like to thank Mr. Charles West of Wells&West for the use of the property, as well as Mr Andrew Reichman for the donation of the eggs. There have been LOTS of special boys and girls who have dyed, decorated, and hunted the eggs over the years. Special thanks goes out to them and all who have faithfully assisted.

Here is a list of all the prize winners:
Marble Spring Lodge #439 Easter Egg Hunt 2010
1.Colton Reid-$50.00
2.Briania Nichole Downs-$20
3.Carley Graham-$15
4.Nichole Crisp-$15
5.Brayden Jefferies-$10
6.Kaylee clayton-$10
7.Mathew Huskins-$5
8.Autumn Miller-$5
9.Austin Plemmons-$5
10.Lilly Plemmons-$5