Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Raised in Robbinsville # 672 AF&AM, By Aid of the Representative of Seven.

Two Raised in Robbinsville # 672 AF&AM, By Aid of the Representative of Seven.

That’s what happened Thursday January 15, 2009 at Robbinsville Lodge # 672. While 7 was the least number required for an Entered Apprentice Lodge to meet during the Building of King Solomon’s Temple, 7 is what helped in raising two brothers in Robbinsville. Newly Raised Brothers Johnny Collins & Rick Eller, Jr had the great honor and privilege to see and experience first hand how our Fraternity of Brothers will come to the aid and assistance of another Brother.

In the past few years Robbinsville # 672 has experienced occasionally some minor problems with getting enough people to properly conduct the final section of the Master Mason degree. Knowing two candidates were approaching the final steps of their Blue Lodge journey as Craftsmen, some of the Brothers got together and spent some time learning the active parts of the second section for the first time; still help was needed in some of the no-speaking parts of the work. Word went out to a couple of lodges who have helped others in the past, but what happened this evening at Robbinsville 672 was a true example of the good fellowship which prevails in this area.

Seven – yes, seven Lodges came together tonight to help in raising these two Brothers. If memory serves me correctly, and I apologize if I miss anyone - Masters, Past Masters, Officers, and members visiting from Andrews, Clay, Junaluskee, Marble Springs, Montgomery, and from our neighboring district Oconee Lodge came to help bring these two young men to "More Masonic Light"

To those visiting Brothers, on behalf of Brothers Collins and Eller and the Master, Wardens, Officers, members of Robbinsville Ldge, Worshipful Brother Jack Long District Deputy Grand Lecture, and myself the District Deputy Grand Master, words can’t express how grateful we are for your assistance this evening. Tentative numbers we were expecting were around twenty or so, but when we saw almost sixty there we were, were, were…..well, words just can’t describe it. You have truly demonstrated to our newest Master Masons one of the great lessons which Masonry teaches – Brotherly Love.

Again, if I missed anyone, I sincerely apologize.

Thank you all.

Fraternally and POTS

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Derek Cheek said...

It was great to be there well as to "dwell together in unity". Last night was a testement as to what can happen when a loving Lodge sends out the word that help may be needed and like Lodges respond. When a Lodge nearly runs out of aprons to is one for the ages. I was proud to be a part of it.