Saturday, December 13, 2008

Past Master....thoughts, memories, and revelations.


What a year! I can scarcely believe that it is already over. Another milestone has been passed in my Masonic travels. The profane world would think there would be sadness, and heartbreak in leaving the place Masons call "the East". But, on the contrary, I feel something completely different....accomplishment! Its been a great year! One that our Lodge can be proud of for many years to come. We've undertaken a brave step in adding onto our dining hall, several fine men have passed thru the degrees, new catecism coaches have been initiated, a new Lecturer has emerged, over 1500 lbs of pork was smoked.....and it seems that Montgomery Lodge is alive and doing well. As I sat in the East during our last stated, a surprising feeling of humbleness came over me. A feeling that I'm sure many men in the Oriental Chair have felt before me.....a feeling that I am sure can only come as the sun sets on ones time in the East. It is a feeling that I will cherish and savor for the rest of my life. Knowing that the Lodge is left in good hands.....left in the hands of men that I've helped to initiate, pass, raise, and teach is the greatest of satisfactions. To see these new men congratulated on their accomplishments as see them take their chairs with see them proudly stand as Masons in our Lodge is where my joyfulness comes from. It truly makes me proud to be a NC Mason.

I'm also proud of what NC Masons have accomplished as a whole this year. The Prince Hall compact is behind us, and we have the first graduate of our beloved Orphanage guiding our path into the new year. We all sat in those District meetings and heard the Methodist Preacher from Troutman talk about "Raising FUN"....and I feel that some of his fiery darts struck us just right!

Attending the special recognition of Bro Kelly Hooper at Robbinsville Lodge was one of the year's brightest moments......knowing that Kelly's sincerity and love of the Craft helped mold my Lodge into what it is today. Thanks Bro Kelly!

But, along with the bright spots there has come some dim ones as well. John Dyer's battle with cancer has weighed heavily on my thoughts all year. John is a supurb coach and ritualist....and his absence from the Lodge this past year has truly been missed by many. We pray to God that we can somehow see his return to the Lodge. I've also especially missed some Brothers who have passed away....Doc Little, Arnold Guthrie, Raymond Hamby, and Jack Hughes have been sorely missed this year. But, even though they are abiding in the celestial Lodge above.....I have continually felt their words of wisdom guiding me along the way. The Good Lord knows I've definately needed it!

Sad? Nope! Just warming my bones from the warmth of the setting sun.....knowing that it will never set without the promise of rising again. The implements of Masonry are still shiney and sharp ......the trowel's handle is well worn....and I got a new apron with nary a stain of work yet upon it. Time to get back to work....the Master is calling.

WM Rau, PM Hiss, and my wife as i'm presented my PM apron and pin.

Getting a hug from the lady who made all the time I spent as Master possible.

Henry, Brian, and me.....proud as we can be!

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