Monday, September 1, 2008

Montgomery#426 and Cherokee#146 Combine forces to raise 3 new Master Masons!

On Saturday night August 30th, the 2 Lodges joined together for a very special Master Mason's Degree. Brothers Mark Laney, Danny Carder, and Jim Haskett Jr. were all raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The Lodge Hall was nearly full and a great BBQ dinner was enjoyed by all present. Derek Cheek WM#426 conferred the first section, and Reggie Pendley PM of Cherokee#146 was King Solomon in the second section. Henry Hiss PM of Montgomery #426 represented Hiram King of Tyre. David Sumpter PM of Cherokee#146 presented the charge, and Henry Hiss presented the Holy Bibles. Olen Murphy PM of Montgomery#426 presented the Lecture in fine fashion. And, finally 41st Masonic District DDGM Mike Hooper PM of Sonoma Lodge closed the Lodge in due form.

From L-R: Brothers Mark Laney, Danny Carder, and Jim Haskett Jr.

L-R: Ron Ledford WM Cherokee#146, Mark Laney, Danny Carder, Jim Haskett Jr., and Derek Cheek WM Montgomery#426.

WM Derek Cheek and DDGM Mike Hooper of the 40th Masonic District.

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