Sunday, August 29, 2010

Historical event during Master Mason Degree

With less than 1% of the Masons in North Carolina being certified as lecturers the odds are astronomical for the longest serving certified lecturer and the latest person to be certified at the same degree are astronomical. But it happened Saturday evening, August 28, 2010 at Robbinsville # 672.

When Robbinsville’s newest brothers were raised, Worshipful Brother Kelley Hooper the longest serving certified lecturer in the history of North Carolina Masonry and Charlie McCowan who earlier that day was certified for the first time were both in attendance along with the District Deputy Grand Lecturer. You could say Brother Charlie who is Master of Andrews # 529, WAS the most recent certified, as he was the last person out at the examination of new lecturers a few hours earlier that day.

Pictured, left to right are WB Charlie McCowan, WB Kelley Hooper, and WB Jack Long, District Deputy Grand Lecturer of the 41st District. All three participated in the degree this evening. Some history to go along with this picture: Several years ago Brother Hooper signed the necessary paperwork for Brother Jack to be examined, and Brother Jack signed Brother Charlie’s paperwork. A fine example of “paying it forward.”

Also pictured are Robbinsville’s newest Master Mason’s, Brother Greg “Peanut” Grindstaff and Brother Jarrod Sellers.

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Derek Cheek said...

It was an honor and pleasure to confer the degree, and to sit with 3 such fine MASONS.