Sunday, September 27, 2009

Past District Deputy Grand Master of the 41st Masonic District, James Lawrence Hyde

Well, its official now. My close friend and brother, Jimmy Hyde is now officially a PDDGM....and I know of no one who has worked any harder to deserve the title. I can't speak for others. But, I can give my own personal account of what he means to me,

I first met Jim at a regular meeting of Montgomery #426 in the late summer of 2006. Jim had come to our Lodge in order to give us information concerning a young man in Hayesville who was losing his sight due to an injury at an earlier time. He gave us the facts, asked us to help, and answered all the questions posed by the Lodge. This was prior to his official GL appointment.
After that evening, it seemed that I was continually in contact with Bro Jim. We were on the phone and email daily it seemed working on some task at hand facing our mutual Lodges and the District. During this time we became fast friends, and formed a brotherly bond that seems to be daily strengthened.....all in the name of serving others with a vision of Masonry that we jointly share. I can say without hesitation that Bro Jim has never let me down, and that the brotherly affection I have for him grows stronger every day.
So, while at the 2009 Annual Communication of the NC Grand Lodge, Jim was bestowed his new title, and Brother Andy Liakos of Montgomery #426 was taking pictures of the event as it unfolded. It gave all of us from the 41st District great pride to see him walk the stage, get his certificate, and shake MWGM Rice's hand. I can think of no one any more deserving than Jim.
The next time any of you see Jim, email him, or talk with him on the phone....I am sure that he will still be serving the 41st with passion, fervency, and zeal....even though the position is being passed on to someone else. That is just the way Jim is. I doubt there has ever been a day since adulthood that Jim has not served mankind in some way. And, I'm sure that til the day he dies the story will never change.
Congratulations PDDGM MW James Lawrence Hyde. You are truly a light that shines!!!


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Marc said...

W B Jim. It has truly been a pleasure to have you as DDGM. Please don't be a stranger. Hope to still see you about the Fraternity.
B H, N C