Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Awards given at Montgomery 426

WM Brian Rau probably summed it up best last night, when he said that it is not every day that a Master gets to give away two 50 Year Service Awards....much less a 60 to boot! But, that was the occasion at Montgomery 426. After a great meal, everyone assembled in the Lodge Room and Sr. Deacon Andy Liakos escorted each Brother and his family to the Altar for the special award to be given. WM Rau asked the Brothers to re-live some of their fondest memories of Masonry....smiles, grins, and claps were given by all present. It was truly a night to remember.

WB Euclid Voyles recieves his 60year Diamond Jubilee Award. With him are his son Bruce(who is a Bro Mason as well), Daughter-in-law Debbie, and WM Rau.

WB Willard Allen after recieving his 50 year Veterans Award....with him are his son Dale Allen, and WM Rau.

And, as was jokingly referred to last night as "saving the best for last" is Brother Fred Verner, his wife, daughter, and WM Rau.

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