Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Montgomery 426 takes Traveling Gavel from Robbinsville 672!

Let the minutes show that Jim Hyde cooks some GREAT Boston Butt BBQ! Also, let it be known that when Bro Kelly Hooper is getting a HUGE award that Montgomery 426 will bring a small army to the meeting! And, let it be known that Jim Hyde, Jack Long, Benny Self and Dennis Wilson are SORE losers when you get their Gavel!......***The minutes will stand approved at the sound of the GAVEL***!!!!!

Brian Rau and Jim Hyde fighting over the Traveling Gavel

Montgomery 426's Brian Rau wrests Traveling Gavel away from Robbinsville 672's Master Benny Self


Jim Hyde said...

You Brothers just don't get too attached to it. When we come into your neck of the woods to get it, we WILL ask for it in Open Lodge so the records of the meeting can be so recorded! Look for an amendment soon to the stipulations of obtaining it. :-)

Derek Cheek said...

Don't be a sore loser Jim. Just because we didn't spoil a meeting dedicated to Bro Kelly doesn't mean we didn't deserve the gavel.

Jim Hyde said...

Look at the picture. Does it look like I am a sore looser? I was freely giing up the gavel to Rau-Rau. Just don't build it a trophy case!